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Some things are impossible to know, but it is impossible to know these things.

I have a day job. So every word of this is my opinion, not that of my employer. This offer IS void in Wisconsin. Except, of course, that some material in this column comes from incoming e-mail; such material is usually reproduced in the Sans Serif type font to distinguish it from the (somewhat) original material.

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April 17, 2006: P.S. A Column on Things

April 17, 2006 Vol. 8, No. 16

Table of Contents:

General News

  • Yosemite

Political News

  • The Blarney of Bush, The Cost of War

Craig Reynolds' Technobriefs


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  • Lasusa Links, Dan Grobstein File

General News


Call Me Mr. Traveller. Less than a week after returning from Oregon, we are off to Yosemite for the weekend to stay at the Awahnee Hotel, a reservation that must be made a year in advance. The long lead time explains why I didn't notice that this trip comes less than a week after Spring Break--in fact, I don't think the 2005-2006 school calendar had yet been adopted when I made this reservation! Alas, rain and snow are expected, but we'll probably get out in it anyway... The following week, The Tech, the MIT newspaper, celebrates its 125th anniversary in Boston (just across the river from Cambridge, Mass). Yours truly was editor in chief (EIC) of Vol. 93. Since the staff elects the editor, I still take pride in that accomplishment, a reward for hard work, a sparkling personality, and what was then considered a just-barely sufficient capacity for alcohol. Do they drink any more? I doubt it. Anyway, both these trips will be shorter than the vacation in Oregon, more action-packed and, in the case of Boston, less likely to leave me feeling relaxed, but there you are. Some things you do because you must.


Political Notes

The Blarney of Bush, The Cost of War

Bush glad Cheney not running: Bush continued with a lengthy explanation of his leadership philosophy, which included advice not to use force until diplomacy is exhausted, to give government support whenever putting people in harm's way, not to make decisions based on polls, to stand firm when making a decision, to be ready for the unexpected, to base decisions on principles and to realize that freedom is a universal right of all men and women.

Given the George put all of these people in harm's way of the bilge he was dispensing, one wonders if, in accord with his philosophy (or the philosophy being dictated to him through the wireless receiver on his back) he supplied boots and shovels to the entire audience. This is further evidence George is totally out of touch with reality if he a) believes what he said or b) believes anyone believes what he said)


Richard Dalton notes:

Costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are currently about $322 billion. I've seen those costs compared to what that amount of money might buy in education, housing, child health, and other domestic spending possibilities.

The Globalist (, a Washington-based research organization, suggests some other comparisons. According to their research, the wars are the financial equivalent of:

All US development aid since 1979, or; More than 50 years of State Department operations, or; All loans given by the World Bank since 1989.

Pretty sobering. Even more so if you realize that the administration that got us into this senseless quagmire, is asking for an additional $122 billion for FY 2007.



Craig Reynolds' Technobriefs









Lasusa Links, Wolfe Whispers, Cheatley Links, Dan Grobstein File

Gathered by Tom Lasusa with a little help from his friends...Mentos = Freshmaker. Mentos + Diet Coke = Face Breaker... Online sex games... The latest auction eBuffy... Counterfiet money -- truly, one of the OLDEST scams around... A Cell phone in Your Mouth -- No Tooth to That!... Bake a Cake with Cadbury Creme eggs... Today is Corey Appreciation Day: Haim and Feldman... Take a word association test... Now all we need is the sharks to carry the lasers... Forget the Grassy Knoll -- did Lincoln's Assasin really work alone? (no)... One Red Paperclip Heard about this guy? He started off with a single red paperclip and decided on the experiment -- To trade it for something else, and to keep going until he has himself a house. He's already up to free rent for a year in a place in Phoenix!...

Marjorie Wolfe, a frequent contributor to and friend of this column, now has her own web site, where, this week, she deals with de vants (Yiddish for bedbugs).

David Cheatley offers two links: the art of writing Google Friendly headlines alters the art of writing headlines (what, no more puns!?!) and what Marshall McLuhan meant when he said "the medium is the message."

Dan Grobstein File

  • Pentagon Channel Adds Video Podcasting to Product Line: WASHINGTON, April 10, 2006 - The Pentagon Channel has added video podcasting to its line of products that distribute the channel's military news and information to the nation's men and women in uniform. "We work hard to communicate with the men and women of the department around the world," Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld said. "I am pleased that we are using video casting and other increasingly important technologies to reach our global audience with all the news and information available on the Pentagon Channel."


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