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P.S. A Column On Things is adopting the business plan that I think of as the "public broadcasting guilt" plan. That is, I'm going to remind you periodically that this column is free, but that you could choose to pay for it, if you wished. I have arranged with Paypal and Amazon to accept online payment. In addition, because some of you asked for it as an option, I will also accept checks. Like public broadcasting, I'll do the column whether you pay or not. Unlike public broadcasting, you won't get a lovely thank-you gift [unless someone donates one]



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Please send your check for $12 (or more!), payable to:
Schindler Journalism Co.
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To obtain a reminder when I post my weekly electronic column,
or to offer feedback, advice, praise, or criticism, email me. (pes-at-sign-schindler-dot-org)

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