Groundhog Day The Movie, Buddhism and Me

Groundhog Day Links and Metalinks

You can check out Groundhog Day at IMDB. IMDB also has a Groundhog Day links table which includes this site. Note that the American Film Institute ranks Groundhog Day No. 34 out of the top 100 movie comedies of all time.

Groundhog Day and Buddhism

There are numerous articles on the web about the connection between the film and the religion. I have tried to help sort them out.

The most comprehensive treatment of this subject still available on line is one I found via's Buddhism page:

Groundhog Day:
Breakthrough to the True Self

This one is also somewhat interesting:

Riverside Ch'an Meditation Group:
Groundhog's Day Everyday, Every Life

This is a moderately well-done analysis by Sanja Blackburn (now only available from the Internet Archive)

A Buddhist Interpretation of Groundhog Day

This is another moderately well-done analysis by Annalisa & Giampiero Cara (also available only in archive form)

Beyond The Movie: Groundhog Day

This page is nice enough to point at my essay, as well as several others, which deal with the Buddhist aspects of the film: - Review of Harold Ramis's Groundhog Day

While these links are not specifically about just Groundhog Day, both mention the film, along with other films and media depictions of Buddhist themes. Gary G. Gach passed along these links.

And Mauro Sanchez' inimitable Dharmawood. Here's an amusing Groundhog Day FAQ.

This is the San Francisco Chronicle article that sent me to the Zen Center showing of the film; I have excerpted a quote from Michael Wenger, who introduced Reb Anderson.

Buddhism beyond Tibet
"In some ways, it's about karma," [Michael] Wenger [dean of buddhist studies at the San Francisco Zen Center] says. "Every day we may lead a life that we think is monotonous, but every little decision we make has certain effects."

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Other material. This is a chronological "blog" of new Groundhog Day material as it accumulates; much of it once resided on the home page, but that page had become too large.

Commentary from Prof. Franz Metcalf, (, author of Just Add Buddha and Buddha in your Backpack

The name Ned Ryerson

New York Times Feature Story on Groundhog Day, The Movie

Boston Globe Anniversary Appreciation

French (Jaques Brel) in the restaurant and Walter Scott (The Wretch) in the Diner

Paul Schindler's Blog Comments On Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Links and Metalinks

Groundhog Day Script Writer Danny Rubin

Groundhog Day Star Bill Murray

Groundhog Day Director Harold Ramis

New Yorker Profile of Groundhog Day Director Harold Ramis

Groundhog Day essay in Stephen Simon's book, The Force Is With You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives

Groundhog Day essay by Mario Sesti in the Museum of Modern Art catalog for, The Hidden God: Film and Faith

Groundhog Day by Ryan Gilbey, published by the British Film Institute and the University of California Press.

The Italian remake of Groundhog Day .

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