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Groundhog Day Script Writer Danny Rubin

Groundhog Day 2012: Danny Rubin, the writer of Groundhog Day, has a new book out!  Check out my review How To Write Groundhog Day. Short answer: I loved it!

Mr. Rubin now runs a blog devoted to the movie.

Here is his bio, from his own web site:

After many years writing for professional theater companies as well as scripting industrial films and children's television, Danny Rubin began writing screenplays. His screen credits include "Hear No Evil," "S.F.W.," and "Groundhog Day," which received the British Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

Rubin has taught screenwriting in Chicago at the University of Illinois, Columbia College, and the National High School Institute; at the Sundance Institute in Utah; the PAL Screenwriting Lab in England; the Chautauqua Institution in New York; and in New Mexico at the College of Santa Fe.

He holds a B.A. in Biology from Brown University and an M.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from Northwestern University.

Rubin is married to architect and web-designer Louise Rubin with whom he shares two children and two dogs.

Here is an interview with Danny, complete with picture.

I found several references to him in Daily Variety. Note: you must register and pay to view any of these Variety articles. But the good news is you get most of the information you might want from the abstract.

According to Variety, Danny has also written:

Hear No Evil
A terminally dull would-be thriller, Hear No Evil has a perfunctory story [by R.M. Badat and Danny Rubin] with the gimmick of a deaf damsel-in-distress grafted on uncertainly. Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin's talents are wasted.
Published 1/1/93

Rubin also wrote SFW, based on an Andrew Wellman novel. Once again, you have to pay to read this:

A satirical spin through America's oft-reported fascination with celebrities, no matter how empty or facile, S.F.W. tries hard to juice up a subject that feels done to death.
Published 1/1/95

Good News! Two Danny Rubin scripts are apparently headed for production! This article is pay-per-view:

Zackheim rockets to 'Martian' debut
Propaganda Films has optioned the romantic comedy spec "Martian Time" from "Groundhog Day" scribe Danny Rubin. "Martian" is an offbeat romance in which two cynical people find love at an alien gathering in Arizona.
Published 7/19/01

I have learned from Hollywood sources that this film also deals with time in an unusual way, and could be considered a philosophical mate to Groundhog Day as part of what Rubin envisions as a trilogy of films dealing with time.

Also upcoming:

Revolution, Lightstorm team for 'Tale' spin
Revolution Studios has picked up a pitch called "The Hanging Tale" from scribe Danny Rubin ("Groundhog Day") for low six figures...
A comedy/adventure set in the Old West, "The Hanging Tale" centers on a man who is about to be hanged for petty crimes. While awaiting death, he tells the surrounding crowd a story of his journey in search of Spanish treasures.
Published 7/11/01

It's been described as Princess Bride meets Scheherazade. God, I love Hollywood.

The Script

You can buy a copy of the original screenplay (very interesting, well done and different from the shooting script) from:

Script City: Your Hollywood Script Connection.

Script City
8033 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 1500
Hollywood, CA 90046
800-676-2522 (U.S. Only)

Here is a January 7, 1992 version of the script that is closer to the final shooting script.

This is an incisive technical analysis of the script.

Creating Story Movement by Traveling in Circles:
A Review of Groundhog Day
by Bill Johnson

A Controversy

Daniel Dern highlighted a controversy in the sci-fi community regarding the provenance of the plot of Groundhog Day. The controversy was thoroughly aired at the Apothecary's Drawer Weblog in June 2001. I am not in any way convinced Danny Rubin borrowed any of his ideas from any of these sources. Sometimes, where there is smoke, there is not any fire.

Here's an excerpt:

June 28th 2001 An interesting article in The Author (Society of Authors house mag) Summer 2001 edition: Rights in Ideas: how not to sell a novel to Hollywood by Leon Arden. Arden describes in some detail how he sued - and lost - a case based on his claim that Columbia Pictures plagiarised his 1981 novel, The Devil's Trill (retitled One Fine Day) which they had read and rejected as a movie script. Arden's hero finds himself stuck in a time loop, he alone realising that he's repeating a single day over and over. He tries and fails to seduce the heroine, collects personal information about her to help him succeed, etc etc. You get the picture: sounds not a million miles from Groundhog Day.

Other links from the weblog:

Detroit News, December 12 1995 account mentions details of One Fine Day that differ radically in style from the light comedy of Groundhog Day.

SF Recollections by Richard Lupoff: Lupoff suggests that "a major theatrical film" (identifiable as Groundhog Day) plagiarised his work…a 1993 TV movie called 12:01… a "very loose" adaptation of a 1990 Oscar-nominated short film, 12:01 PM, based on a short story by Lupoff published in Fantasy And Science Fiction magazine in 1973.

Discussion at Fiction-L Archives - 'Replay': Second Chance or Infinite Recurrence Novels shows that the idea of time-loop is quite common in SF.

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