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What does Permalink mean?

What does "personal" mean? Or "Web/Tech", "Humor," etc.

What about the old format?

I preferred Blogspot to Typepad

What does Permalink mean?

Permalink means: "If you want to link to this item forever, use this link instead of the one at the top of the page, whose content changes week by week.

What does the term "Personal" mean at the bottom of an entry?

Personal is a category, like web/tech, humor or politics. Personal is the category for all entries that cannot be otherwise characterized, and is usually used to describe the stuff at the top of the column.

If you click on "personal" or any other topic link at the bottom of a column item, you will end up looking at recently posted items in that category. A return link to the home page is at the top of the "You Could" section on the right side of the column.

What about your old format?

For a while, at least, I will continue to post columns in the old format and index them in Picosearch. I am told one can use Picosearch with Typepad, but I am not sure it will point at the permalink, so until I have time to experiment, dual posting will continue. In the original format, there is now a bold-faced time at the bottom of each item; this enables me to insure that the column comes out in the correct order on Typepad.

I preferred Blogspot to Typepad

That isn't a question. After experimentation, although I agree Blogspot is nicer looking, I found Typepad's tools easier to use.

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