Paul Schindler's AIDS Fund Raising Ride Summary

Paul Schindler's AIDS Fund Raising Ride Summary

Posted July 5, 1997

Thank you for your support. Because of you and your contributions, I was able to complete the 1997 California Aids Ride 4. June 1-7, 1997. Seven days. 570 miles. 2500 other riders. Together we raised 9.5 million dollars. I raised about $2,800 before the ride.

Not all of you are interested in the day-by-day, blow by blow report. I've been back for a week now, and I have a pretty good idea of what people's main questions are. And, I believe, most of you are interested in what I learned, what I took away, from the ride. Turns out the lessons I learned on the ride are probably applicable to life as well.

To answer some of the most common questions:

I was not saddle sore, nor sunburned. I did get heat rash from wearing long sleeves the first few days of the ride. For the first four days of the ride, my legs felt like they had been worked over by a ball-peen hammer every night, but that got better the last few days. I somehow managed to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude the whole time. I wouldn't say I had "fun" in the traditional sense, but I had one hell of a unique experience, and one that is vouchsafed to but a few. I wasn't miserable, that's for sure. With one exception, I woke every morning raring to go (as I awake every morning of my life).

The trip did not affect my bad knee, because bike riding is low impact. I didn't lose as much weight as I had hoped during training or the ride, but I am in terrific shape. During the trip, I drank between 40 and 50 liters of Gatorade. The temperatures, thank goodness, were about 20 degrees cooler every day than last year, with highs in the 80s rather than the 100s, and some breeze most days (Day 7, Ventura to Century City was cloudy all day, foggy along the coast, high of about 75. Great!). I slept like a baby (if you sleep on the ground, it helps to have a decent pad, and to be physically exhausted).

That's it for the summary. There is a much longer document describing the whole ride in detail at If you'd prefer, I can e-mail it to you or send it via paper mail.